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We will be posting news from the NFSUK and also from our members, so stay tuned and check back often.

You may have noticed we have a countdown timer for the deadline of Tom Hillier award nominations on the right of the page. If you haven’t yet nominated your scheme go to the public information tab above and click on the Tom Hillier Award and you can download your form or nominate online HERE

We will be sharing information on the National Mobility Registration Scheme owned by the NFSUK for the benefit of its members and you can find out more about that service over on the NMR site at

Did you know we have printed the Shopmobility directory again for the first time since 2012 there is a new magazine available at all member schemes so drop in today and get yours. Priced at a recommended £4.99 the magazine is full of interesting articles and news as well as containing an up to date list of all the schemes that are joined to the NFSUK.

If you have your copy we would love to hear what you think? We have created a short survey that will take no more than 3 minutes to fill in. Please give us your opinion and feedback so we can make the magazine even better. Your opinions matter please fill in the survey below.

August 4, 2017 |

NFSUK Success at the Mobility Roadshow

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NFSUK Success at the Mobility Roadshow.

At the beginning of June the NFSUK attended the 2017 Mobility Roadshow and for us it was a great success.

We were over the moon to see vast improvements on last years show, including all exhibitors on one level, parking a stones throw from the front door. Even little touches such as toilets with notices that informed before you went in if they were left of right transfer and wheelchair space left at each dinning table.

One of the highlights for us was being situated in the hall which contained the sports arena, in which wheelchair basket ball and wheelchair dancing took place and we couldn’t help but join in. People were laughing and smiling enjoying the music and movement and the wheelchair routines were great.

We were able to meet with Scheme managers, scheme users and people who had no idea who shopmobility were. This made for a varied show for us and it was well worth us being there to hear feedback and inform.

We were also there to raise awareness of the New National Mobility Registration Service. Members of the public were able to come up and ask questions about the registration service which we could answer face to face. We had people sign up across all three days it was a very positive show.  We look forward to next year and hope to see you there.


Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about the National Mobility Registration (NMR).

  • It is for my Motability car?

No. This is for mobility scooters and power chairs, your car is registered with the DVLA and therefore there is no benefit to you to register your car.


  • Is it insurance?

No. This is not an insurance policy we recommend you obtain insurance for your vehicle as an extra precaution. The NMR is a register where we store your registration details against a unique registration number. If the vehicle were to be stolen we would be able to help the police in the tracking of your vehicle using the unique number and your registered details.


  • What happens to my £12 annual fee?

The register costs £12 per year the National Federation of Shopmobility UK (NFSUK) who run the service is a non-profit organisation so we donate a large portion of you fee to the local shopmobility of your choice. You choose which scheme to support when you register. This is asked when you register. Each year the scheme will be given the same donation from your registration. The remainder of the fee will be used to

  1. Maintain the website and improve the website.
  2. Help towards NFSUK costs
  3. And help support all member schemes through NFSUK projects.


  • Why do I need to register my mobility vehicle?

You don’t have to. However, 517 scooters were stolen in 2015 (valued at over £600,000) and only 22% were recovered*. We understand that your vehicle is not just a set of wheels. It is your independence your mobility and you life that is affected by a theft like this. Your scooter or chair becomes an extension of you it’s personal. Our aim is to reunite more people with their vehicles.


  • Why do shopmobility schemes need the donations?

Schemes are heavily manned by volunteers and are heavily underfunding on the whole. We have seen the closure of several schemes over the past three years. We want to help prevent this by helping schemes become less reliant on government funding. Schemes loan scooters and chairs to those with mobility impairments, whether temporary or permanent and regardless of if you own our own scooter. Shopmobility is there to support everyone and we feel there is more and more need for their services. We want to ensure they are able to continue to provide those services and the NMR will help the NFSUK do that.


If you require any further information you can go to where you can also register your vehicle. To find a NFSUK member near you or to find out more about the National Federation of Shopmobility please visit .

August 4, 2017 |
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