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Tom Hillier Award nomination deadline extended


Glasgow Braehead win Tom Hillier Award 2017

The Tom Hillier Award is presented annually to a National Federation of Shopmobility UK (NFSUK) member scheme. The Scheme must show, through their nominations that they have provided exceptional service levels to their clients that goes over and above what would normally be expected of their scheme.

This year’s Tom Hillier winner will be announced at the British Healthcare Trade Association Awards dinner on the 29th November, by the evening’s presenter Simon Weston CBE. The British Healthcare Trade Awards, now in its 23rd year, celebrates the best of the best within the healthcare industry, from Best New product to the Lifetime Achievement award. The awards encompass all areas of the healthcare and assistive technology markets.

The Tom Hillier award began in 1991, following the passing of Tom Hillier, the founder of the NFSUK in recognition for his valuable work in setting up the federation. His award was presented to a winning Shopmobility scheme annually, but since 2014 when NFSUK became part of the BHTA organisation, the Tom Hillier Award has been announced and awarded as part of the BHTA annual awards evening.

The Tom Hillier Award gives the many clients and consumers that use Shopmobility each year the opportunity to nominate their Shopmobility scheme for the care, attention and support they offer when using their services and facilities that would otherwise inhibit their independence around their local shopping centres, community or holidays.

The deadline for this year’s award entries has been extended until the 10th September 2018 giving you time to nominate your local scheme and express your appreciation to the staff and volunteers for their continued support.

To nominate your local Shopmobility scheme, and give them the chance of them winning the prestigious Tom Hillier award for 2018, please nominate them using the form below.

Download and print your form here:


Tom Hillier Award 2018 Nomination Form



August 31, 2018 |

Littlehampton Shopmobility Braves the Rain

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Article supplied by Littlehampton Shopmobility

On Friday 10 August 2018, Littlehampton Shopmobility set up a stall outsides Sainsbury’s to fundraise for the charity. The free stall was arranged via Littlehampton Town Council and was in a good location but sadly the weather was terrible. The team fought the good fight for as long as possible and were grateful for the support of local business owners.

Monty’s Bakery was kind enough to supply free hot drinks to keep us warm while we battled the elements, and one of the Littlehampton Market Stall owners donated three bracelets to us worth £5-£7 each which was a very kind gesture and highly appreciated by the team.

A new local cleaning business kindly donated a free hour’s ironing, so we ran a raffle – just 50p a ticket – and the winner was very pleased as he dislikes ironing! Shopmobility Volunteer Angela made bread pudding to keep us fuelled to tackle the brutal weather but, in the end, it was just too much and we had to pack up and go home.

Despite the weather, the team managed to stay out long enough to raise awareness of the charity and what they do with their information stall, as well as raise £62 from the Bric a Brac sales and raffle.

The NFSUK says ‘It’s great to see shopmobilities getting out into the community to raise awareness in their towns. It is such a shame that the weather thwarted the efforts in Littlehampton, however, £62 is a great result for a wet day and we hope the Town Council might let them have another stall sometime soon so they might be able to see what a full, fair weather day, could bring them’

You can support your local shopmobility by donating directly to them just ask in the shop for details or if your local scheme can’t take donations, you can alternatively donate to the NFSUK HERE all donations go towards helping us support our members.

Shopmobility can be used by anyone with a mobility impairment regardless of whether it is a permanent or temporary issue. You do not need to be registered disabled to use the service, it is for everyone. Contact your local scheme to find out how they can help you.


August 24, 2018 |

Brand New Shopmobility Directory out NOW!

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Our brand-new directory is now in print!

Since the British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA) took over the management of the National Federation of Shopmobility one of the most frequent requests from member schemes and the public was to bring back the printed version of the directory.

Following on from the success of last year’s copy we have produced another updated version and this year’s is even better.

We asked for feedback and we acted on it. We have reduced the size to A5 as requested, so, it will now fit in handbags and glove boxes with ease. We also reintroduced some icons to help you understand what services and facilities are available at each scheme.

We gave our schemes a line of text so they can tell you their opening hours and also gave them the option to have their email address listed.

We have tried our best to keep the layout the same as last year, as many of you appreciated the amount of white space in the directory as it made it easier to read.

We have also broken our members down into country order and then alphabetically, within their county, making it even easier to find schemes.

Once again, we have a “Getting to Know You” section at the front of the directory where you can get to know some of our members which this year including the 2017 Tom Hillier Award winners Glasgow Braehead.  There are other articles throughout the directory and we hope you find them interesting and useful.

To purchase your copy, you can go to your local NFSUK member scheme or you can buy one from us directly HERE. All money from the sale of this directory goes directly to the scheme you purchase from, or, into helping us support our members if you buy from us.

The directory was made possible by our advertisers who you can see on our magazine support page HERE.

These companies are all members of the BHTA and as such, they abide by a Code of Practice which has been approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI). It is the only Code of Practice within the healthcare sector to have CTSI approval so if you are looking to make a purchase whether it be a small daily living aid, or a larger purchase, such as a stairlift and you want to use a company that follows a Code of Practice then please consider using a BHTA member. You can find a list of all BHTA members HERE.

Shopmobility can be used by anyone with a mobility impairment regardless of whether it is a permanent or temporary issue. You do not need to be registered disabled to use the service, it is for everyone. Contact your local scheme to find out how they can help you.


August 17, 2018 |

Stockport Shopmobility Faces Challenges

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Stockport shopmobility celebrated 20 years in existence in 2017 and now it’s fighting for survival. Having lost their council funding they looked for other avenues of support. This developed into a shop and cafe being opened to support the running costs of the scheme.

The average shopmobility costs just over £47,000 a year to run. With high electricity bills due to charging all the scooters, repair and maintenance costs, staff costs where there is a paid member of staff (this is not always the case some schemes are run 100% by volunteers), rent, and replacing old equipment the costs soon add up.  The reduction in funding across all schemes has led many to increase or introduce hire charges, however, these charges barely make a dent in the costs of running a scheme. Which has left many schemes in great financial difficulty.

It is with great sadness that we announce that the Cafe at Stockport has closed and the gift shop which specialised in official Happy Potter Merchandise may also have closed. At the time of writing it is currently the largest seller of HP Merch outside of the HP tour Shop in Leavesden Studios. It is also the only non profit official Harry Potter Merchandise seller in the world.* The closure and potential closure leaves Stockport without it’s replacement funding option and means the scheme itself is at high risk of closing. You can listen to a radio interview with Stephanie Ormerod Vice-Chair of shopmobiltiy at this link on BBC Radio Manchester. Skip foward to 1hour 14mins.

Shopmobility provides a truly important service to it’s clients and although it’s great for those of us who are able bodied to be able to use it should we break our leg, meaning we aren’t confined to our homes for 6 weeks straight, the service is a life line to those who use it regularly. Those with more permanent mobility issues bought on by age or illness rely on shopmobility to help them maintain their independence do their own shopping and get out of the house. If you have ever broken a leg bone and been restricted you can relate to how much you take your independence for granted and its the same if you’re a driver and break an arm and are unable to drive. these issues severely affect your ability to be independent. Now imagine that not changing and the one service that helps you maintain independence is taken from you. The NFSUK calls you to support your local scheme with a regular standing order, help them keep their service charges low and keep them supporting  their local community and remember they are there to help everyone with a mobility need and are not solely aimed at the disabled community.

Stockport Vice-Chair Stephanie calls for support from any local businesses that could help with some emergency funding to help them out to contact the scheme on 0161 666 1101

If you are a member of the public who would like to donate regularly to your local scheme then please head back to our home page and type in your town to find your nearest scheme, contact them and ask abut setting up a standing order to support them. If your nearest scheme is too far away or you don’t get a result you can donate regularly to the NFSUK to help us continue our work to help and support our members. You can find our donate button at the top of this article in the left hand column.

Due to the potential closure of the shop please call ahead before making a trip to ensure your journey will be magical.

*that we are aware of.

August 10, 2018 |

Lowestoft Shopmobility Celebrate 21 years in 2018

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20,000th hire, Margaret Oldham Chair, Client and Eddie Davey Coordinator

Double Celebrations at Lowestoft Shopmobility

Article and Image supplied by Lowestoft Shopmobility

This year Lowestoft celebrate 21 years as a scheme but they made 20 years their special celebration read on to find out how 20 years became the new 21.

Last year, 2017, Lowestoft Shopmobility celebrated 20 years of existence. Originally set up as part of D.I.A.L. (The Disablement Information and Advice Line) in 1997 Lowestoft Shopmobility eventually went its own way and became a separate charity in June 2003.

Not only that, but they also celebrated their 20,000th hire.  Louisa, a new, full member, was presented with a certificate of special recognition by their chair person Margaret Oldham M.B.E. back in August 2017.  In the past 20 years they haven’t just helped over 20,000 disabled people who have hired mobility scooters or wheelchairs but also many thousands more who visit the shop to buy new or second hand mobility equipment or were seeking some advice and information.  A huge thank you must go to Margaret and original committee member Jill Brough because without them Lowestoft Shopmobility would never have been set up in the first place.

Lowestoft and the other nearby resorts are very popular places to visit or stay for a holiday.  That applies not just for able bodied people but many disabled as well.  At Lowestoft Shopmobility, they hire out many mobility scooters and wheelchairs to both day trippers and those coming to stay for a holiday at the various holiday camps and hotels in the area.  Here are just a few of the comments that they have received from their customers:

‘Helps my dad whilst we are on holiday to join in with the family’.


‘I can get out and about in the fresh air and having the independence makes me feel better in myself.  It is an excellent scheme which is vital for Lowestoft, both for a holiday town for the visitors, and for local people who would otherwise not be able to get out and about’.


‘Thank you.  Much appreciated.  Lovely chair and lovely service’.


Popular places to stay include: The Hotel Victoria, Gunton Hall Coastal Village Hotel, Pontins Holiday Park at Pakefield, The Kessingland Beach Holiday Park, Warner’s Corton Coastal Holiday Village and Potter’s Leisure Resort at Hopton.

For an additional fee they can arrange to deliver the scooter or wheelchair to your holiday camp or hotel and collect it when you leave.  They also have a Rollator and tri-walker that can be hired.  If you prefer, small travel scooters and wheelchairs can be collected from their shop premises for your holiday or hired by the day.  Most people cannot bring their own wheelchair or scooter as they won’t fit in the car with all their luggage, so without the service Lowestoft Shopmobility provides many people with disabilities would not be able to come to the area on holiday. So next time you want to get away for a holiday you might  like to consider goming to sunny Lowestoft, Britain’s most easterly seaside resort.



August 3, 2018 |
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