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Age UK and Innocent

Every year over a million tiny hats are knitted by knitters across the country. These tiny hats placed on top of the Innocent Smoothie drinks are cute and collectible. For every Innocent Smoothie purchased with a tiny hat Age UK gets a 25p donation to help them be there for older people.Big Knit Age UK and Innocent

These tiny knitted hats come in all shapes and styles. From the classic bobble to a pineapple hat, you can download the patterns from Age UK here. Grab those knitting needles it won’t take long. Knit one or two, or get a group together and knit 100. Go for it, they are currently just under half way to their 2019 target and there are just 61 days left to get your hats in.

Small effort BIG contribution

Knitting is fun and with these little patterns it will be quick too. I will be joining in and knitting some in my breaks so stay tuned for the results. Why not join me in the BIG KNIT. Send us pictures of you knitting or your finished Hats before you post them off, we’d love to see them.

It may seem like a small thing to do but all these little hats add up to a substantial contribution to those who receive the benefits of what Age UK do.


Check out this video below to see how your tiny knit can help those living with loneliness.

Sharing is caring!

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