Alexa and the NHS join forces to help patients

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Alexa and the NHS

Alexa and the NHS another example of technology helping with health care. Advances in technology are happen across the board and there are some very technical technologies out there that help those with mobility impairments. It is sometimes easy to over look the simple tech advances such as this new partnership between Alexa and the NHS.

This week Amazon and the NHS announced they have teamed up to help those who have difficulty accessing health advice. It is aimed at the elderly, blind and others who may have issues using the internet but it will be useful to everyone. It also looks like you wont have to own an echo to access the service as a free app will be available.

Alexa and the NHS

How will it work

Using the Alexa algorithm Alexa will be able to pull information directly from the NHS website. You will be able to ask ‘Alexa what are the symptoms for flu’ and the device will pull the information from the NHS website. Being able to ask using your voice rather than typing in a search engine is advantageous for many living with certain disabilities. This includes those with mobility impairments. If you have an Amazon Echo you won’t need to get up to a computer or find your laptop. If you have the app on your phone this means you’ll be easily connected when you need it where ever you are.

The voice activation is the smart element of this partnership. It removes barriers for those with hand mobility issues, those with sight issues and those who struggle with technology. It makes the request for information simpler and ensures it comes from a trusted source. Not only will this help the NHS it will help the patients. As patients we can be more proactive and seek out answers before needing to make an appointment.


Over to you

What do you think of the Alexa and NHS partnership? Will it be something you’ll find useful? Do you have an Echo or Echo Dot device or will you want to download the free app?

For more information check out the website here


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