Be Safe Be Seen this winter


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Riding a mobility scooter that can go up to, 8mph maximum may not sound like a dangerous thing to do. However, you only have to Google ‘mobility scooter accidents,’ to see pages of evidence to the contrary. As the evenings draw in and the mornings get darker it is easy to forget your visibility is reduced. Not only your visibility of the world around you but others visibility of you.

As a scooter rider you are not as tall as a walking adult is, therefore, it is not easy for drivers to see you on the pavements. You are also not as big or as well protected as a car meaning any accident is likely to result in injury to you the scooter rider, injuries that could have fatal consequences.

Here are some top tips for staying safe on your scooter this winter.


1    Wear something fluorescent and reflective.

2    Use a reflective bag on the back of your scooter like these ones. (visibag.)

3    Place some reflective stickers on the sides of your scooter so when you are crossing the road you are more visible.

4    Install a safety flag in a fluorescent colour to make you more visible to cars that are reversing and where visibility is restricted. These Flags require a scooter to have a ‘1” square hitch receiver’ under the seat, see instruction picture for details.

5    If you do not have lights do not go out in cloudy or dark weather.

6    Consider fitting lights to the scooter if you do not have them, make sure to use them from dusk until dawn, as you would in a car.

7    Ensure you make use of all types of pedestrian crossings where available.

8    Do not cross the road between parked cars and make sure you have a good view of the road in both directions so you can see it is safe to cross.


If you want to check if you are doing, enough to stay visible this winter pop along to your local shopmobility or mobility retailer and ask for their advice.


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October 26, 2018 |

One thought on “Be Safe Be Seen this winter

  1. Donna Eade says:

    Safety First always especially at this time of year

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