Cannula Sleeves for dementia patients

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Following on from last week’s post about Age UK and the BIG knit this week we bring more knitting news. During Dementia awareness week the BBC covered a story on Cannula Sleeves a simple solution for dementia patients.

Twiddle Mitt beginnings

Singer Sharon Wallace discovered the twiddle mitt and how it helped distract dementia patients and stop them fidgeting. Sharon created a knitting group and a Facebook group Handmade for Dementia. They produced the mitts until all the local hospices and hospitals were completely stocked. That’s when the idea for the cannula sleeve was born a retired Nurse Eileen Copeland had suggested the idea.

Cannula Sleeves

The sleeves cover the entry point of the intravenous tube, and adorned with crocheted decorations instead of beads and buttons, which, could be a choking hazard. The group have secured the copy right for their patterns. They have made more than 6000 so far and each is risk assessed to ensure the safety of those benefiting from the sleeves.

Cannula Sleeves

Knitting for pleasure

Many have joined Sharon’s group not only to help the effort but also to alleviate their own stress levels and help them cope with other issues. I was taught to knit by my nan and I can attest to the stress reliving properties of knitting. So, if you’re looking for a new hobby why not help keep this older tradition alive. You could look at joining Handmade for Dementia or if that seems a little advanced for your skill level look for groups locally they are there just take a look.

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