Safety: Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts of using your shopmobility powered vehicle

Set out below some recommendations for safe use of powered wheelchairs and scooters as a reminder for shopmobility customers.

Don’t forget that shopping centers can be very crowded places and consideration needs to be given at all times to other pedestrians.


This list is not comprehensive but will help make Shopmobility a good experience for everyone.

  • Always keep the speed reduced when in busy or confined areas.
  • Be courteous and show consideration for other users of the town/city/shopping center. Remember that pedestrians often stop suddenly and you may not be able to stop as quickly, so reduce your speed and keep your distance.
  • Always follow the special instructions given to you by the Shopmobility scheme about the use of your vehicle.
  • Reduce your speed when turning corners.
  • When leaving the vehicle unattended, ALWAYS take the key with you and try to leave it where it won’t inconvenience others.
  • Use a dropped kerbside whenever possible and, when climbing the kerbside, approach them at right angles.
  • Never let anyone else use the scooter issued to you.

NEVER let anyone ride on your vehicle with you, no matter how small they are, it upsets the balance of the vehicle, which could result in a preventable accident.

SM logo 2016


Also look out for this logo on your scheme website and on the door or window of the scheme. This logo will contain year of membership so you can make sure your scheme is a NFSUK member. Being a member means your scheme agrees to abide by the British Healthcare Trades Association’s Code of Practice the only Code in the healthcare industry authorised by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. You can read the CODE HERE you can be sure of receiving a high standard of service from a NFSUK member and if you are dissatisfied in anyway contact us. We want to ensure all our members are treating you fairly.

Finally, if you do have an accident of any sort always inform your Shopmobility scheme. They can then give the vehicle a safety check before somebody else uses it and take any other action which may be required.


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