Happy 40th Birthday Shopmobility

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Shopmobility officially  started 40 years ago in September 1989, with Milton Keynes and Peterborough opening the first schemes to help anyone with mobility issues access their high street. The success of these schemes led to more schemes opening and 10 years later the National Federation of Shopmobility was formed to bring in a level of best practice across schemes. So, we are also celebrating 30 years of the NFSUK too.

As part of our celebrations we wanted to thank and recognise some of our longest serving volunteers  from across the federation.

Dundee Shopmobility

Heather from Dundee Shopmobility


Dundee Shopmobility

Dundee Shopmobility is celebrating its 25th year of being open this year. Heather has been with us 23 of those years. She started in 1996 as a volunteer and has been a part-time employee since 2000 as our longest serving member of staff.

Huge thanks to Heather for your service and dedication from everyone here at the NFSUK and from the rest of your colleagues at Dundee Shopmobility.

Windsor and Maidenhead Shopmobility

Deirdre Cook, will have been with Windsor and Maidenhead shopmobility for 9 years in Jan 2020. She began in 2011 because she likes helping people and she’d never done anything like it before.  She never even knew such things existed!  Deirdre loves the connection in shopmobility they aren’t just customers they are friends. She loves helping people and feeling like she is really making a difference in their lives.

Congratulations Deirdre on almost 9 years with Shopmobility. Your efforts are much appreciated by us here at the NFSUK and all at Windsor and Maidenhead Shopmobility.


Littlhampton Shopmobility

Angela seated) Littlehampton with manager June

Littlehampton Shopmobility

Angela started volunteering for 3 hours a week, every Monday morning, with the team at Littlehampton Shopmobility, commencing on the 13th August 2009 and then she kindly increased her hours  (about November 2017) to 6 hours per week, by working an extra 3 hours Friday mornings!  Angela was trained to help out with general administration, the shop work and she has also done some fantastic work in compiling and evaluating feedback.

Huge thanks to Angela for your service and dedication for the last 10 years from everyone here at the NFSUK and from the rest of your colleagues at Littlehampton Shopmobility.


Shopmobility St Helier – Jersey

The longest serving member is Kate Sallis who was on the original steering committee as President, then, of the MSS of Jersey.   Additionally Jim Hopley, then CE of the CI Co op and I were there then.  We opened on 24th March 2005 and the planning was over the previous 9 months.

Congratulation Kate on 15 years with Shopmobility! Thank you for all your hard work in getting the scheme up and running as well as all your current work is serving the people of Jersey and beyond, from everyone here at the NFSUK and your fellow colleagues at shopmobility Jersey.


Sue at Luton Carnival

Luton Shopmobility

Sue Bolton has been with Luton Shopmobility for over 12 years.

‘I started going to the Luton scheme when I was using a mobility scooter to go round the town.  Over 12 years ago I was asked if I would like to help out on Reception and issue equipment to the customers.  I have always enjoyed working here as it gives me a purpose to get up in the morning.

Working at “Shopmo” helps me forget about myself and I enjoy talking to the customers.  Some of our customers are isolated by their disability so having a good chat helps – I have seen a great change in them.

Some days can be challenging but each day is a worthwhile day!  There are plenty of smiles and laughs with the team.  I really enjoy helping out at charity events such as the Luton Carnival and Purple Tuesday.’

Thank you Sue for your hard work and dedication your efforts are much appreciated by us here at the NFSUK as well as your team at Luton.


Stockport Shopmobility

Although Stockport are currently not members of the NFSUK they reached out to share information on their longest serving team member. We wanted to include them in the celebrations.

Elaine McNulty has  been with Stockport Shopmobility for 20 years. What she likes most about working here is how useful the service is. It gets people out and about and reduces isolation.

Congratulations Elaine on 20 years with the service. Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated by your team mates and customers.


Elaine (on the left) with long-serving regular user, Firouzeh Pugh.

From the NFSUK

Happy Birthday to all shopmobilities everywhere. Here’s to the you all and thank you for all your hard work and dedication that makes shopmobility what it is. A safe place for people to visit, get help with their mobility, and so much more. Shopmobility is not the shops and offices it’s the people. Without the volunteers that give their time week in and week out shopmobility wouldn’t be able to be there for those in need. So, THANK YOU!





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