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Happy Easter one and all, whether you are religious, a chocolate lover or just looking forward to a four day weekend.
I thought we would go through a little history lesson this week looking back on the traditions of Easter and when they came into being so we can see how we got to the Eater we have today.

Easter History

As with many religious based holidays traditions, it is seen to pre-date Christianity. Some say egg decorating as something that formed part of the pagan festival celebrating the spring equinox. However, wherever the roots started the traditional Easter egg was indeed a real egg that was decorated or dyed. The Christians dyed the egg red to symbolism Christs Blood.

There is also a tradition of Egg Rolling which symbolises the rolling away of the stone 3 days after the burial of Christ. Eggs symbolise new life so it is easy to see why it is the symbol for Easter. Easter is at the beginning of spring when new life is popping up all around us.
Since the beginning of egg decoration, it has become more and more elaborate with precious metal eggs being created and decorated with precious stones.

The Chocolate EggCadbury Easter Egg

The first chocolate Easter eggs were made in Europe in the early 19th Century with France and Germany. It was not until 1875 that the first Cadbury Eggs were made. Originally they came in paper wrapping, were solid and made of dark chocolate. Now they are hollow, covered in foil and are mainly milk Chocolate.

Did you know the Crocodile type pattern across the eggs was actually to hide imperfections? You don’t see the pattern as much today. Mars still uses it and some of the cheaper chocolate brands do too. However, with the improvement of chocolate moulds and the increase is decorative skills chocolatiers are only really limited by their own imagination.

My Easter Traditions

Now, I am not old enough to have any recollection of Easter Eggs in paper. I do, however, have some fond Easter memories I’d like to share.

My earliest Easter memory must have been from around the age of two or three. Yes, I really do remember things from that far back. I remember sitting in a huge church and the vicar calling all the children down to the front to collect an Easter egg. Now the church might not have been that huge. I saw it as cathedralesque but of course, I was tiny myself. The walk to the front may have in reality only been four or five pews, but I remember it as 20. Scale doesn’t always translate well in memories but I do remember collecting that chocolate egg.

Rolo Nestle Easter eggAnother thing I remember and loved about Easter was a tradition my Mum passed down to me. She told me how, when she was young she used to collect Easter egg wrappers and swap them with her friends. Much like football cards and sticker collections. So I started to collect mine too. Going through my collection for this blog brought back some lovely memories, I hope they spark some for you too.

My friends didn’t Collect them so I didn’t get to swap any but I still have that collection and some of them are pictured here.
This is the one thing I really miss about my childhood Easters. Every wrapper for each chocolate company tends to be the same. To me, it really took some of the fun out of receiving and giving Easter eggs.


Can you guess the Brand From their wrappers? Comment below with your answers and no guessing Cadburys’ Creme Egg doesn’t count.

Easter Egg Wrappers from the 90s


I’d love to know what traditions you have at Easter time. Let me know in the comments below and have a wonderful holiday.


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