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The RADAR lock and key system was created to ensure that disabled people could have 24/7 access to the toilet facilities they need. Over the years it has become apparent that many people misuse the scheme to the detriment of those who need it. This is something that needs to be addressed and monitored.

Public toilets are notoriously ill kept and misused. Able-bodied people without disabilities we can usually avoid them by going home or finding a monitored toilet in a department store. For many who use the RADAR system waiting is not an option. Using RADAR facilities are essential to their health and well-being.

Genuine Radar Key and Lock

Fake Radar keys and locks

Toilets are kept locked because they aren’t always monitored. Only those who need it and have a key, can use it. With an increase in fake locks and fake keys, these facilities are becoming unreliable to those who rely on them.

The RADAR locks and keys are made to work together. Made from the same grade metal to ensure compatibility and the least wear and tear on the simple lock mechanism. Cheaper fake locks are not made in the same way. Meaning, some keys might not work efficiently and they could cause users to become trapped inside or prevent access entirely. Fake keys can also cause issues in genuine locks by creating greater wear and tear due to the difference in materials.

Radar by N & C Plexicare

The biggest take away from this news is to ensure you purchase a genuine key. Also, ensure the locks you use are genuine too. If you find a lock that is not genuine please report it to the owner of the facility. Let them know that a non-genuine lock can cause issues for you the user.

If you are a seller of RADAR keys make sure you are selling genuine keys so that you are not exacerbating the problem.


Genuine RADAR keys and Locks will display the N&C Plexicare logo

N&C Plexicare RADAR








Click the image to go through to disability right UK and purchase your genuine key


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