Littlehampton gets 6 NEW scooters

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Five years ago, we had six standard mobility scooters donated to us. They provided a very good service for those five years. Sadly they have worn out and we needed to replace them. Having little funds of our own to purchase new ones, my search was on to seek new funding.

Over the past few years, grant funding has become progressively more difficult for many charities including shopmobility. I realised it was a tall order and I tried desperately to find funding for the new scooters from various sectors within our community.

One Friday morning, having had so many applications rejected and feeling more than a little disconcerted, I was wondering where else I could try to get funding. The postman broke my train of thought as he called into the shop and handed me the usual bundle of letters.

To my amazement, I opened a letter from Morrisons that contained a cheque for the exact amount needed to replace the scooters, £4,554. This was one of the applications that, I assumed had failed, due to the considerable length of time that had passed. How wrong I was!

My search had come to an abrupt end and jubilation took over from my previously depressing thoughts. I was delighted and danced around the shop and office! Problem solved! I called Alison, the local Community Champion of our local Morrisons supermarket in Wick, to thank her, I told her I was dancing on air before I even explained why; she couldn’t stop laughing! I then emailed Morrisons to thank them and sent a letter by post to ensure they understood our gratitude!

As soon as the cheque cleared I placed an order with our supplier. The new scooters were delivered on the 9th of October 2018. One of our volunteers, Philippe, set to work transposing the names from the old scooters to the new ones. They are all named after valued customers, volunteers and trustees that, in the past, have worked for the good of our charity.  In the meantime, I ordered plaques to fix on the baskets at the front of the scooters stating they are “funded by Morrisons”. I took pictures and registered the scooters with the National Mobility Register ( to help to protect them from theft.

Morrisons made an official visit to the shop on 17th October with the local press and we had coffee and cake to celebrate. It was lovely seeing the scooters go out on their first hire, all shiny and new.

The feedback from the customers was great – they all love the new scooters saying, they are much nicer and more comfortable than the old ones. One customer wrote to the local paper to say, considering Morrisons are based in Wick and not in Littlehampton, it was good of them to fund us. Thank you Morrisons, you are amazing and we are so grateful!

My message to other Shopmobility schemes is, have faith and never give up, you never know what the postman may bring.

Sharing is caring!

November 26, 2018 |

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