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Guest post by June Caffyn Manager at Littlehampton Shopmobility

Visitors to Littlehampton Shopmobility may have noticed a nice comfortable fireside red chair in our shop. A few of our team even jokingly call it “the Throne!”

It has been in the shop since we started in 1996. The majority of customers who settle down in it while we serve them have even stayed longer than they intended to, and have remarked that it is so comfortable that they find it hard to leave.

The Magical Red Chair

Red ChairI sometimes think it is almost magical, as those who sit in it sometimes have sudden and excellent ideas to help the charity! It was in this red chair that a distressed customer was upset by the loss of her stolen scooter, that led to the then-chairman of Littlehampton Shopmobility, Alan, thinking up the idea of scooter registration. It was developed and piloted here and then went on to serve Shopmobility nationwide. The customer who was impressed by the help that she received from us eventually became a volunteer!

Another customer became a volunteer after sitting in it and in that very chair we have seen sad customers become happy customers after we have helped them! Even the concept of the Pit-Stop (scooter valeting) service originated by someone sitting in the chair.

Friends of Littlehampton Shopmobility have called in for a sit down and a quick chat and have often thought about something they have to give away that the charity might like to use. For example, two lovely customers from Arundel have several times suddenly noticed something we could do with and they have that very item “at home” or “in the shed” to donate!

Whenever I invite someone to sit in the chair I never know what they will come out with but it is usually something helpful and much appreciated!

The Red Chair’s many roles

I tended a customer who had hurt himself by sitting him in that very chair and so has our assistant Teresa with yet another customer. Others include a former volunteer who hurt himself and then sat down in that chair to be treated. A customer has said a Prayer in that chair, another customer has written a generous donation cheque in that red chair. One customer thought she saw a ghost whilst sitting in that chair and yet another lady felt the presence of an Angel!


Come and see our special Chair – and sit in it yourself – you may be surprised what may just pop into your head!


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Sharing is caring!

August 30, 2019 |

2 thoughts on “Littlehampton Shopmobility – The Red Chair

  1. Angela Tester says:

    This chair really works!!!
    Just try it for yourself!!

  2. Thank you Donna, it was nice of you to publish this – good to see my words in print! x

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