MyLiferaft – A lifeline for those who rely on others

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MyLiferaft technology

Myliferaft is another technology we discovered at Naidex this year we were so impressed by the app we had to share it with you. It was created by Nicola Murgatroyd whose daughter, Faith had Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Nicola knew there had to be an easier way of getting her daughter’s information to those who needed it. She also wanted a way to have Faith’s information accessible to those who needed it, even if she wasn’t with Faith at the time.

myliferaft app

The app MyLiferaft was created as an app where all your medical information can be stored. It can be easily accessible by those to whom you give permission to but is kept safe on the app and is easily updated as things change. Information such as the medication you are on and the dosage can be stored, as well as things that make you feel more comfortable in a given situation.

Life application

The MyLiferaft app is used to print reports for you medical team or your caring team. You can also monitor health goals such as walking for 15 mins a day or drinking more water. The goals are yours to set. MyLiferaft also has calendars so you can keep all your appointments in one place and get reminders for them so you never miss an important meeting. You can comment on information within the app and send messages to those with whom the information is shared. You can also keep a journal in the app. This is really handy for noticing patterns whether it’s emotional patterns or general well being. If a medication is changed you may notice changes within yourself from writing the journal.


Putting you in control

MyLiferaft enables you to store all your information in one easy to find place. It gives you the ability to share parts of that information with relevant people, carers, medical staff, family. You can also create a hospital passport giving emergency teams the must to know information as they need it. MyLiferaft can offer peace of mind to the user and the users family and is a very comprehensive system. Best of all you can get started with MyLiferaft completely Free of charge. The upgrade plan is reasonable too, so head on over to MYLIFERAFT and try the free version. If you love it and find it useful then maybe give the upgrade a go.

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