A NEATE way for the disabled to get great customer service

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New Assistive technology 

Neatebox, is an assistive technology company set up by Gavin Neate. It is revolutionising customer service for the disabled community. The free Neatebox app is changing the way customer-facing staff interact with the disabled community.



Following ten years’ service with The Royal Air Force, founder Gavin Neate commenced an 18-year career with Guide Dogs UK as a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor. His comprehensive knowledge of visual impairment and increasing interest in new and groundbreaking assistive technologies led him to create Neatebox.


Since founding the company in 2011 the company has grown in services, staff and ambition. However, one thing has very much stayed the same; Gavin and his team focus on improving the opportunities available to an increasingly knowledgeable and engaged disabled population.


The biggest milestone in the company’s history has been the official launches of ‘Button’ and ‘Welcome’ in Summer 2017. Both products are free for the end users and the design supports disabled people and their carers. The development is a direct result of Neatebox striving to promote equality and the provision of services. This equality and provision supports both the user and the people whose job it is to provide them with a service.


The App

Welcome addresses the issue of inadequate customer service for visitors with specific accessibility requirements caused by a lack of disability awareness and confidence of staff members.


This free app allows you to request visits to participating venues. You can indicating the areas you need customer service awareness and the specific assistance you require. Venues are notified of the visit request and receive an overview of your condition and tips to aid their interaction with you.
The aim is to facilitate communication between customers and customer service staff to create long-lasting and mutually respectful relationships.


What difference would it make to you to be greeted at the entrance of a shop by name, instead of being ignored or even worse avoided because of a physical disability? What difference would it make to those living with invisible disabilities to have staff aware and ready to help?Leave a comment below.

Visit www.neatebox.com to find out more about how the app could help you or someone you care about. Keep checking in for new venues utilising the app technology.

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