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According to the Blue Badge Protection Company, thefts of Blue Badges have risen SIXFOLD since 2013. They are up 45% in the last year alone.

Blue Badges

Blue badges are crucial to those who need them allowing them to park closer to shops and amenities. It permits them to park in larger spaces that allow for wheelchair transfers making it easier and more enjoyable to travel. The fact that thieves would stoop this low is unlikely to surprise anyone these days. However, it is disgusting that they would choose to steal from some of the most vulnerable members of society. On top of that, they steal something that is vital to the victim’s ability to maintain a certain level of independence.Blue Badge Protector

Invisible disabilities

It can take up to 8 weeks for a replacement blue badge to be re-issued. During which time the owner of the badge has to rely on help or remain housebound. Not all disabilities are visible to the naked eye. It is easy to judge someone who gets out of a vehicle in a blue badge space without a mobility impairment. Stop and consider for a moment other disabilities that might require closer parking. Someone with bladder or bowel issues, for example, would benefit greatly from being able to park directly outside a venue rather than having to walk the length of a car park. A blue badge space makes all the difference to those who need them.

Blue Badge Protection

The protector aims to reduce the number of thefts with their special locking system. The system could protect your vehicle as well as your blue badge. Thieves are breaking windows to gain access to the badges, which sit unprotected in the window. However, a visible lock around the badge is highly likely to prevent someone from breaking your window. Thus saving your vehicle and your badge.

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