Shrewsbury Shopmobility to close after 23 years

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Shrewsbury Shopmobility

It is with great sadness that we announce the closure of Shrewsbury Shopmobility. After 23 years in service, the scheme will close its doors for the final time in June 2019.

A decline in usage and a lack of funding has led to the closure.

Gillian Bradley, coordinator for Shopmobility Shrewsbury, said

“We have served the town for 23 years and there are lots of factors that have led to this very hard decision,” she said. “It seems the service is just not needed as it was.

“But we are hoping that someone will take it up and run it in the future. It is a very sad decision and we hope there will be some sort of service for the town. The service is run by volunteers and an appeal for more hands have been put out on social media for the past two years although there has been a shortage of takers.

“We just cannot run it anymore,” said Gillian.

“Perhaps the council will take it on or the shopping centres. In Telford the town centre management run their service so perhaps that is something that could happen here in Shrewsbury.

“We have tried hard to keep going and we will struggle on until June but we want to let as many people as possible know that we will be closing.

“This is a problem that many Shopmobility services are experiencing and many have shut. To do 23 years in the town is amazing but it just isn’t viable for us anymore. I hope that someone will step in to the breach. It was the only decision we could take.”


Funding is a growing concern for many shopmobility schemes, who are heavily relying on donations, small hire charges and the generosity of volunteers. To see how you could support your local scheme head to our home page and search your town. Shopmobility is available to anyone who has a mobility impairment regardless if it is a temporary or permanent issue; ensure it is available for you if you ever need it by helping them now.


Do you know of any other schemes that are closing? Do you know any that are opening? Drop a comment below and let us know.



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