Stealing from those in need could it get any lower?

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Stealing from those less able

Stealing is wrong we are all taught this from a young age aren’t we? Yet there are people who grow up believing they can take what they want from whomever they want. Obviously stealing from a person or someone’s home ultimately has the biggest negative impact to an individual. However, stealing from a donation only, not for profit, community service such as shopmobility that’s low!

Thefts in Coventry

Thankfully, it is rare but it has happened twice in a 5 month period in Coventry. The scheme set up in the Barrack Road Car Park is a hub for those with mobility impairments. Dial-a-ride use the building as a drop off, collection point, and the shopmobility service offers Mobility equipment and company to those who would otherwise feel isolated in their homes.

Both thefts occurred when a new client came into register. Identification was taken and confirmed with documents and the scooter was loaned. The issue was the scooters were never returned. It is extremely sad to know that there are people out there stealing equipment from shopmobility and therefore preventing those in need having access to them.

Both scooters are registered with the National Mobility Registration Service (NMRUK) and should bare a tamper proof sticker. Their registered numbers are A2838 and A2882.

Buy with confidence

We always recommend that, buy mobility scooters from a reputable British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA) member. This way you can be assessed properly for your needs and the equipment is safe and reliable. If you are buying, second hand please be aware. If you see an NMRUK sticker call us to check the status of the vehicle if you’re unsure.

You won’t be in trouble with the police if you innocently purchase stolen goods but it is likely you’ll have to give the goods back to the rightful owner. You aren’t guaranteed to get your money back either.

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